Thursday, September 26, 2013

Just a few of my favorite things

A few things that I absolutely love and just had to share :)

Officially, my first real strand of pearls, courtesy of my favorite man on our 5th Anniversary.

 My new mini jewelry catcher/plate/organizer/lifesaver/ring finder when in panic mode :)

My new tea cup :) This cup lists 5 essential life lessons to live by (according to Buddhism), which apply to everyone, anywhere. I asked someone to translate it for me and this was their rough translation: something about being kind, taking care of elders, having peace...

Washi tape :D wahoo!
My new black bag...yes, I have a collection...yes, it's a, I don't have the room.

 Took my little blue and white plate (newest addition to my dish hoarding disease) to work and it makes me smile :)

Prada Sunglasses that look oh so fabulous on me that I totally bought in my head, but had to leave at the store :D


  1. Love the plates - and I have one too :)

  2. Please give us more blog posts! More posts! More posts! ....



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