Monday, November 26, 2012

Jewelry Box Handle DIY Fix

I've had this pink jewelry box for about 7 years now.  I bought it on ebay and it took me about 10 separate bidding wars to finally win it.  About a year ago, the pink handle started to tear.  I stopped using the handle to prevent it from tearing more, but getting the box off the shelf without using the handle was hard.  The box was pretty heavy, so the handle was on its way to tearing.  It eventually ripped, and I was so sad about it.  I tried for months to figure out how to fix it.  I thought about using glue, tape, ribbon as a handle and even buying a new handle.  But, the problem with most of the "purse handles" that I saw at JoAnn Fabrics were that they came with chains/loops/hooks that I couldn't pry open.  These handles are made to be sewn onto a purse, with ribbon or thread, not to have the loops opened up.  I thought about getting a different types of hooks, but I couldn't pry those open either to fit them into the metal hinge on the box lid.  But, this time, I decided I would buy the handle I wanted and see what I could do to make it work.   Besides, the handle was 50% off :D  

Good thing, my father was in town.  So, with some thought and a bit of father magic, (man power) my new pink jewelry box now has a beautiful new handle :)

 I didn't take good pictures of the torn handle, but the pink pleather on the left side ripped.
 So first things first, cut off the remaining handle. 

 Prying open the loop of the handle was something that I couldn't do.  It really wasn't that complicated, but really required some strength.  I didn't have the right tools and I was also trying to go about it the wrong way.  Long story short, my dad figured out how to open them with some wire cutters and a rusted wrench.  I think I need to do some tool shopping.

 Voila, new handle :) YAY!

From as far back as I can remember, whether it be a necklace that was broken to a lamp switch that I managed to break, my father always found a way to fix them :) He's always been my hero, love you baba!

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