Monday, January 21, 2013

Gift Box Set - Bridal Shower Idea

What do you get a girl who has everything for a bridal shower gift? Here is my idea for a  gift set that could really work for any situation.

It was hard to find the right gift, something that was useful and cute and at the same time appropriate.  I wasn't ready to get some scandalous something a rather for someone I didn't know too well, especially since they really didn't want it (not the right place and time to embarrass a friend) and I knew she was going to get TONS of that stuff anyways.  I also didn't want to get the usual bath accessories or candles or anything of that sort, as most of the time you get tons of that stuff and the fragrance that you may like may not be what they like.  I considered getting a pretty picture frame, but I kind of had this feeling she would be getting one (and I was right!!).  So, I put my thinking cap on (and I do have to give my mommy some credit for this idea), and decided to get her a mix of little things that included stationary, because you just can't ever have enough.

So, here is what I put together.  I actually loved my gift (which is always a good sign) and would have kept the box because it totally matched my peacock pillow (which my husband was ready to wrap along with this gift...meany), but had to go to its new home.

Stationery with her and her hubby's first initial (such a coincidence, yay!). A magnetic writing pad for the fridge, a notebook/diary, mini desk notepad, matching bling frame (i'm all for rhinestones) and really good smelling stones which were to die for, and I put all of this in an adorable box with white and silver tissue paper.

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  1. Oh my goodness! It turned out perfectly! Wow what a great shopper! You got everything and it looks as if it was all made for it! BRAVO! (Tell "Mr. Hubby" that I got that pillow for you...:) he can't get rid of it! :P )



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