Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pillow Decor

I love pillows.  The pillows on my bed are a teal color that I'm just in love with. They were expensive for my budget and because of that, NO ONE is allowed to sleep on them.  Every now and then someone (cough) thinks they are for propping ones self up while reading or napping and you can imagine, my reaction is of sheer panic.

My couch pillows are another story.  I had a beautiful red beaded pillow (first accent pillow I bought) that has been sat on by guests and the like, causing the beads to start falling off.  So, of course, I've had to put the pillow away.  I have another 2 red pillows that I got to match, that are more simple and were really puffy once upon a time. They got used so much for everything from napping, to propping, to being used as floor cushions that I eventually gave up.  They are as flat as pancakes now (ok, not that flat, but they're getting there). So, the other day on my weekly trip to TJMaxx, this time with ma mere who's visiting, I eyed some beautiful red pillows.  I decided, enough is enough...I want a new set of pretty pillows.  I bought them, brought them home and the first thing they were used for...back support.  I asked my dad not to stuff them behind himself and he just looked at me as though I was speaking Greek.'s hopeless. I don't think men understand the term decor.  It is not in their vocabulary.

So, alas, I will TRY to keep my new pillows in pristine condition, but I don't think its going to work.  I figured, I won't panic to much about the couch pillows, but my bed pillows, off limits.  Don't even think about it.  I don't care if you're napping and it took you forever to fall asleep.

In addition to my very cute red pillows is my new peacock pillow :)  She was a beauty and I just had to have her.  I think she matches just perfectly with my teal pillows.  As my mom put it, a peacock amongst the flowers :)  I tell you, TJMaxx makes way too much money off of me.



  1. This cracked me up because I can SO relate! We have 4 pillows on our bed, plus 3 cushions, but no matter how many times I ask my husband not to nap on one particular cushion (he has 6 others to choose from after all!) I can't get through to him :) At least the smooshed cushions gave you an excuse to get those pretty new ones - they all look beautiful!

  2. They look even better in the photos!!! Fun to get them and they are really a great find!



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