Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pure Barre

Today was my second day of Pure Barre.  I am still VERY sore from my first visit last Wednesday, so sore in fact, that I haven't slept well in the last few days.  Every time I wanted to turn in bed I would wake up in pain.  But, I pushed through the pain for class today.  I need to lose the pounds that have slowly piled on since school has started, so this pain better pay off!

The Bar Method was started by Lotte Berk, a ballet dancer whom, after an injury, mixed her ballet bar routine and rehab therapy to form a new, lower impact, exercise routine.  Pure Barre stems from the Bar Method.  They both seem to be great, but from my research Pure Barre seemed to be even better, and their facilities are closer to where I live.  The really great thing about the Pure Barre method is not only that it is low impact, so for those with LOTS of injuries like moi :D it's supposed to be great, but that their routine is performed with loud, heart thumping music that distracts me from all the pain.  It also mixes in techniques from ballet, pilates, weight training, aerobics and physical therapy, so its a FULL body workout.

It has been very hard for me to set up an exercise regime with my uber busy schedule.  I have also become very lazy over the past few years and I've slowly lost all motivation to work out.  Unless I pay for a membership to something, I won't do anything.  I have a free membership to my schools gym, but I don't feel comfortable there and when I start to workout, I stick to the elliptical and thats pretty much it.  I needed something more challenging that hits every inch of my body.  So, I've dished out a fortune and I've signed up for 1 month unlimited classes at Pure Barre.

Everyone has been really nice at the place I've signed up at and its all women which makes me feel even more comfortable.  So far, its been really great, but it has been very hard and very challenging (which is exactly what I wanted).  Lets see if there really is a change in the next month.  I have lots to work on.

New fit we come! I hope!

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