Monday, October 14, 2013

Fina china that made the earth crack open

I hate Mondays. I really really do. I wish we could outlaw Mondays and make it part of the weekend. It is my most unproductive day of the week and it drags on and on and feels like it never ends. Now, you may be thinking, how does that have anything to do with the title of this post. Well, since it is my most unproductive day, I spend my Monday's goofing other words, today I was looking up fine china patterns :D

Why, because I walked into Bed Bath and Beyond on Sunday to buy a house warming present for a friend and I always walk through their fine china section just to see what's new on the shelves, what new patterns I like, and whether I would still buy the pattern that I have (Lenox Opal Innocence). It's this bad habit that I have, as a way to justify in my head that the money, or gifts more like, were well spent. I love my pattern, and have way too many of them, but things change, so I like to confirm my liking every time I walk in, and walk back out with my head held high, thinking, nope, I got the best pattern. Let's not even mention that this is America's top selling fine china pattern. They all copied me. Come on people. Well, anyways, this was the first Sunday in 5 and half years where the answer was NO.

The earth rumbled and cracked open and I fell through it. I painstakingly picked myself up out of the man made hole, and slowly dragged myself out, trying not to make a scene while I contemplated stealing a plate or two of the new pattern (j/k!). 

What pattern you dare ask broke my heart and has helped me waste my Monday.

The new Garden Grove, by Lenox. And, if you haven't been following me, let me tell you, I have an obsession with blue and white and this new pattern is killing me.

Oh beautiful plate, how you make me want to serenade you...

I also found this beautiful pattern, the Opal Innocence Silver in plain sight for my poor eyes to see, which is similar to the Opal Innocence, except the scrolls are in silver. Why, God, why. Why do they have to keep making beautiful things. Stop!

Now, I really do love the pattern that I have and it really is beautiful, but so are these. And, if I had to pick again, there is a high chance, it would be one of the above :D and that fellow readers is what made the earth crack open yesterday! 

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  1. They are beautiful, but I think your pattern is timeless and absolutely lovely!! They match everything, whereas the blue and whites only match blues and whites, and with silver you can never use gold, so there you are! See - the hole has closed and all is right with the world.



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