Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fashion Fighting Famine 2013

This past Sunday I went to the Fashion Fighting Famine 2013 Fashion Show.  Check out my post from last year.  This year, Fashion Fighting Famine supports New Star Family Center, a nonprofit organization for helping victims of domestic violence and to also create a center for placement of children into the foster care and adoption system.

My pictures came out terribly this time around, so I don't have too many to share.  The lighting was awful for my little camera and maybe I just have crappy picture skills, but i'm very disappointed...so many apologies from the start.

 Real roses :)


Pre-show Bazaar

There was also a live performance by Yuna Zarai, the very talented Malaysian singer-songwriter.  She has an amazing voice, mashallah.  Check her out.

Here's a 4 minute clip of Yuna Zarai, performing her song titled, Island

Check out my friend's website on more better shots from the fashion show at Ritzy Foto.


  1. I think your photos were Great ! If you're concerned, maybe it's the battery?

  2. I think your photos turned out great :) and thanks for the link to my blog :)



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