Thursday, March 14, 2013

Apple Slicer

Omg, I have found the coolest little gadget for slicing apples. Welcome the Progressive Thin Apple Slicer. I was a bit skeptical, given my previous experience with cool looking things, but it's PERFECT. I am so excited...sliced apples in one second! I'm clearly lazy...yes!

16 beautiful, evenly cut slices :)

I totally recommend this product.  It came in two sizes, larger slices and smaller slices.  I went for the smaller one.  I think it's perfect.  The blade is really sharp though, so you definitely need to use it carefully and on a cutting board so you don't scratch anything.  But, overall, totally recommend.  I'm so excited :D


  1. omg, genius! I SO need this :)

  2. PERFECTION even in apple slices? Too much for me!!



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