Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Adventures With My Goldfish

So last night was water changing time.  I change their water and filter every month, but this month, given the record breaking heat wave we've had, the water was extra dirty and extra algae-ish (my new word). I usually don't take out all the plants, but this time, everything was covered in a dark green hue, so they needed washing.

Mag Float (Magic Algae Eraser) cleaning the algae off the glass.  This thing is AWESOME!

Here comes the vacuum...they love this thing.  They follow it everywhere and it drives me nuts.  I can't get anything done when they keep coming around.

Fixing the plants that came apart during washing.

Replacing foliage :D 

I have to stand on a stool to see what I'm doing.  Backbreaking, let me tell you...

Filled with fresh water.  I usually let it sit out for a few days to dechlorinate, even though I add a dechlorinator.

Fresh water

2 hours later...and Voila!  Now, the cleanup and complete sanitation of the kitchen, kitchen sink and kitchen floors...arg...

Look at those innocent faces...as if they have nothing to do with the mess and back breaking work...sigh...

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